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  • Are you struggling with overwhelming feelings that create stress in your relationships?
  • Are you a woman feeling like you are always trying to please or keep the peace at home? Would you like help to identify and give voice to your own needs and interests?
  • Or a man who feels stuck in a relationship or job that provides no pleasure? Are you open to examining what you might do differently to gain more satisfaction?
  • Do you feel like your family does not communicate in a healthy way and nothing you do to change it seems to work? Do you and your partner have different parenting styles?
  • Do you constantly feel stressed and struggle with sleeplessness? Do you have racing thoughts that interfere with completing tasks at work or home?
  • Are you finding yourself in a pattern of unhealthy or destructive actions or choices?
  • Have friends or family noticed a change in you, like lack of interest in what you previously enjoyed, excessive sleep, change in eating habits?   Does everyday just seem too hard?

I am here to tell you that together we can find answers to these questions. My experience assures me that we can develop a plan to resolve the challenges in your life or within your family, and guide you toward a less judgmental and self-accepting posture that creates healthier relationships and greater peace of mind.


Happiness is not something you postpone for the future;

It is something you design for the present.


–Jim Rohn

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